How to use G.O.S.R.

How to Use GOSR

Reservations are unnecessary if coming directly by rental vehicle or the like. 
If you require transportation to and from the hotel, apply for that via the reservation form at least three days in advance. 
A confirmation message will be sent by email within 48 hours thereafter. 

Note: If you are unable to check your email just before departure, and or you have already arrived in Guam, you are kindly requested to make a reservation by telephone. From overseas: From within Guam (Only English is supported.)

Please clearly list your name, the number of people in your party, the name of your hotel, and the desired time of pick-up (9:00 or 12:30).
(A courtesy vehicle can come to pick you up after 30 minutes only for Leopalace Resort.)

Note: We accept reservations four months in advance of an event. 
Note: For security reasons, you are requested to visit in a party of two or more people. Please do not come alone. 
Note: We accept “Course Only” reservations. Specify any gun-type preferences and the number of rounds on the day that you visit. 
If you have not decided your course, please allow our staff to describe what is available to you on that day. You are also free to change your course on that day.
Note: You will receive an automated reply by email immediately after your reservation has been confirmed via the reservation form. 
If you do not receive an automated replay, check your email address, and resend it, or place your reservation by telephone.

 Visiting on that day

How to Use the GOSR Transportation Service

Wait in the lobby of your hotel at the time you reserved.
Your driver will come to get you. Note: If your ride does not come to get you although you have waited 15 minutes, call us at the number below. 671-

We will also provide transportation back to your hotel, or any other designated location when you have finished practice shooting. 
Those who will be leaving in the morning will return to their hotel at noon. Conversely, those who leave at noon, will be returned in the evening. (Requires approximately three hours, including the commute.)

Note: Call the number listed above, if you must cancel your reservation.
Cancelation charges will apply if you cancel your reservation on the day before your reservation date, or later. Go here for details on our cancelation policy. 

Visiting by Rental Vehicle or other Means

Please come directly to GOSR. Please allow enough time to be able to get to the site by 2:00 PM.
Business hours: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM (L. O 16:00)

Park your vehicle at Talofofo Falls.
A vehicle will provide transportation 300 m to and from the shooting range.
Please tell the ticketing agent: “GOSR”A vehicle will come to pick you up in a few minutes.

Note: Transportation between the Talofofo Falls parking lot and the shooting range is free.
Talofofo Falls entry fees are separate. Be careful not to enter the facility. 
Note: If you show your GOSR receipt there, your entry fee will be discounted. ($20 is discounted to $18.)
This is an area where you enjoy the superb natural surroundings of Guam. Please do drop by for that. 
Note: Please be sure to get a receipt if you practice shooting live rounds at GOSR, and take it with you when you return to your home country.
Pursuant to accounting laws in the United States, we are obligated to issue you a receipt, and you must receive one. 
Note: Taking used shell casings back with you when you return to your home country should be done at the customer’s own responsibility. Be aware that some countries confiscate used shell casings at the airport.

G.O.S.R. Guam Outdoor Shooting Range