Number plate
After emptying out your bullets on your expired “license plate”, you may take it home as the memento of your live-fire shooting!
1 plate/US $15
Mini cray pigeons/with 3 cray pigeons

additional pigeons(one pigeons) /US $2 1回/US $15
Fire ball
5.56mmNATO(M4) 3 rounds or 7.62×39mm(AK) 3 rounds
1 time/US $20
1 gallon(3.78L)pet bottle
1本/US $5
Concrete block
*Only barrett M95 & M85A1
1 block/US $5
Original target(coin,shirt,denim e.t.c.)
1 set/US $10
Special lesson with Philip
This is a one-to-one course in shooting conducted by Sargent-Major Joe who will challenge you to rise to the utmost limit of your physical strength and energy!
He will speak in English, but his gestures and passion will be more than enough to convey everything he needs to convey to those who do not understand English.
If you wish, you will also be provided with the experience of cleaning and assembling the gun. The sense of fulfillment will be extraordinary when you have persevered to the end!
We recommend this course to those who wish to master the techniques which are higher than what you have by one rank. You will be able to benefit fully from this private lesson catered to you alone!
> * It cannot be included in a course which is under $300.
*It is included in the Ranger Course from the beginning.
one person/US $120

G.O.S.R. Guam Outdoor Shooting Range