Guam Outdoor Shooting Range (G.O.S.R.)

“For our customers who arrive by rental cars”

Please use the free parking lot for “Talofofo Falls Park”.
We will pick you up by our car at the parking lot and transport you (2 to 3 minutes) to the shooting range.
The shooting range is completely closed by 17:00. Please confirm the time required for your course and your cooperation is appreciated for arriving by 15:00, if possible.

*Once you have arrived in Talofofo Falls Park, please park your car in the parking lot and convey to the personnel at the ticket booth in the front that you are going to “GOSR”.
Please wait there since your pickup car will get there in a few minutes.
(Purchase of an entrance ticket for the park is not necessary. Please take care not to enter the facilities of the park)

*When you wish to tour the Talofofo Falls Park

When you present the GOSR receipt to the ticket booth, you may purchase an entrance ticket at a 10% discount from the normal price (adults $18/ children $8).  You may tour a replica of the cave where the Japanese soldier “Shoichi Yokoi” lived, the immense jungle and the falls.  Please stop by after shooting. 


Directions to G.O.S.R.




Most of the major hotels in Guam are concentrated on the hotel road in the “Tumon district”.  It is an approximately 40 to 50 minutes drive to GOSR by car.  We would suggest that you acquire beverages, etc. at a convenience store prior to the drive.

* For those of you being picked up by us, we are happy go to any of the hotels!



From the Tumon District;
(1) First go west on Highway No. 1 (Marine Drive)
(2) Go through the Hagatna rotary and go south on Highway No. 4 (Island Cross Road)
(3) After that, just keep on going along No. 4

The route is quite simple.  Please enjoy the great scenery crossing the island.



This is the junction of No. 4 and 4a.  Please go straight in the direction No. 4 and you will be going down a steep hill later.



When you see a red and white water tank to the left looking like a UFO, you are almost there.



When you spot a yellow signboard for GOSR along the No. 4, please turn right there.



Please proceed slowly since there is a residential area.
Be careful out not to drive too fast since there are places with manhole covers sticking out!
Be careful since when you ride up them at high speed, you risk a flat tire.



Lastly, please proceed to the right at the last forked road.
For your information, if you go straight, there is an old NASA facility. It is said to be used during the age of the Apollo Project.



You have arrived at GOSR! Thank you for driving for a long time!
Please come into the club house, now!

G.O.S.R. Guam Outdoor Shooting Range