About G.O.S.R.

You can easily experience full-scale shooting in Guam!



We accommodate everyone, from beginners to those with experience, irrespective of age or gender.

Our highly-skilled staff will teach you with great care and courtesy. GOSR is a shooting range that is patronized by clients from all over the world.

We at GOSR offer a wide range of shooting courses, starting from those for true beginners to those for experienced shooters, including police officers and professional shooters. Our skilled staff offers one-on-one instruction with great courtesy. Please enjoy our facilities with peace of mind.

We have a great many courses that are popular amongst women and children, using “small light guns” and “guns with low-recoil”. Please try challenging yourself to experience the new sensation and excitement of shooting that you cannot experience in your daily life.



No problems on rainy days either!

We are an open-air shooting range, but there is a roof and paved floors, so you can enjoy shooting safely on rainy days as well.

Moreover, the is a Club House adjacent to the range.  It is air-conditioned and equipped with flush toilets, so women, children and the elderly  will be totally comfortable.  


Regarding the use of the range


Protective glasses and ear muffs (or ear plugs) are provided free of charge.
Those with experience can bring their own familiar equipment.

For safety, we recommend that you wear clothes with as little skin exposure as possible, and that women wear low-heeled shoes.
The cartridges that are ejected after firing are extremely hot.
They may fall into your clothes with an opening at the chest, causing a light burn.
If you are concerned, we recommend that you wear shirts with collars, long-sleeved clothes and hats, etc.

Payment is expected on the day of your visit.
We accept U.S.Dollars and Credit cards (VISA,MASTER,JCB) and T/C.

Regarding the gun and the ammunition of GOSR

The bullets provided at the indoor-shooting ranges in downtown Guam,  are mostly reused ones with a reduced amount of gun powder.
At GOSR,  we provide only “new, factory-loaded bullets”, all of which were imported directly from Mainland U.S.A.  
You will be able to experience powerful shooting with the innate power of the guns.

Moreover, the guns at GOSR are maintained in their best condition by professionals for your benefit. 
Our magazine  is  abundantly equipped with genuine products directly from the manufacturers.
Our clients can enjoy their shooting with complete peace of mind.


G.O.S.R. Guam Outdoor Shooting Range